Australia’s Most Exciting Water Brand

In a market awash with bottled water, we offer a clear point of difference.


Snowy Mountain Spring Water is collected from a sustainable single source.
Our water is sourced from a pristine spring in Victoria’s legendary Daylesford, known as Australia’s Spa Country.
This single source ensures consistent flavour and purity in each and every bottle we produce.

With a balance of essential minerals, an ideal PH level and only ever organically processed, Snowy Mountain quenches our customers’ thirst for natures very best. Snowy Mountain has no added chemicals or preservatives; it is simply clean, natural water.

Few brands can claim such consistent purity – straight from the spring to you.

Snowy Mountain Purity … the source of our Water

Founded in 1852, The Daylesford and Hepburn Springs region of Victoria is an area renowned for the purity of its water. This is the source of Snowy Mountain water, but the story actually began three million years ago when Victoria was surrounded by volcanic eruptions. The hot lava hardened into large layers of highly porous rock.

Beginning as rain water that seeps into this ancient extinct volcano, it is here that Snowy Mountain water travels to the surface, picking up important minerals along the way. As it moves through the fine pores of the layers of granite and basalt any impurities are removed creating this uniquely pure water with an uncompromised taste.

This naturally purified water finally emerges in a privately owned, confined aquifer found 50 metres below the surface. Snowy Mountain water remains there, safely stored and most importantly free of pollution.

Snowy Mountain has a natural balance of essential minerals and an ‘ideal’ PH level (7) resulting in a ‘neutral balance’ of acid and alkaline. The high silica content delivers a softness that makes Snowy Mountain water very pleasant to drink.

Snowy Mountain Water is filtered at the source and also at the bottling plant.
Our customers benefit from enjoying a premium quality Australian Made and Owned product with no hidden impurities, chemicals or preservatives.